Exercise Finish offers.

People who grow up bread, call graingrowers.

People who part gardens, call.

People who grow up vegetables, call.

People who grow up flowers, call.

Exercise Be at loss for words.

Finish offers: pick up as much as possible slovpredmet.

Sample: In the summer & the wood there are a lot of trees: unction, oaks, pines In the summer in the wood it is possible to see a lot of different zhivotnykh:.

Grows in the wood much gribov: in the summer and yagod:.

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Like hell! I after

Like hell! I after In last that time to me them was stimulated!

In all books it is written that the REAL fights with anything cannot be mixed.

Like hell!

I after all now lie and I DO NOT KNOW, false it is fights or not.

All right.

Lets note time.

False contractions are irregular, in any case, authors of numerous maternity benefits so claim.

There is a wish to hope that this is true.

Again I felt easy tension in twenty minutes.

Then through twenty.

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They should

They should I did not wish to be noticed, unusual, individual, she spoke.

When alcohol intake becomes excessive, people drop out of the social groups.

They should look for new places and new people for maintenance of selfrespect.

It is rather difficult for adult to find new friends, for the timid alcoholic it becomes impossible without the next portion of alcohol.

The fear which initially was a starting factor, becomes reality as drunk it is rejected by Izzs society of inadequacy of behavior, dissoluteness.

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He associates

He associates Grigory.

Grigory Dmitriyevich.

The more I thought of it, the more it was pleasant to me.

To prevail upon Dima on Grisha it was difficult.

He associates each name with the acquaintance to it the person.

Called Grigory one of his colleagues therefore the husband involuntarily drew parallels and thought that his son will grow up same big, clumsy, slow.

But that Grisha had also merits validity, tranquillity, goodwill so he did not cause any negative emotions in Dima.

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To acquaint

To acquaint The ship lies behind a chair.

Subject: WARE To consider together with the child of the picture.

To acquaint him with names of subjects of ware and to ask to show the following parts: nose, cover, handles, edges wall, bottom To enshrine the generalizing concept ware in the dictionary.

To acquaint the child with the concepts teathings, tableware, kitchen on vessels.

Exercise Assistant: Help to put the girl Tang teathings on a tray, the dining room on a dining table, and kitchen in a locker.

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